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The Expressive Arts & Well-Being
The most basic belief is that the creative process is both healing & life-affirming. This means anyone who makes art receives benefits, whether the point is to make art, or to explore personal issues.

For many, trauma can be difficult to express in words. Art making can be a much more viable form of communication than mere words. This is especially true when traumas occur before a child has developed the language capacity to properly process & communicate an episode... or the effects are unspeakable.

Direct benefits can include:
  • improvement of a variety of physical & mental symptoms
  • reduction in pain, tension & anxiety
  • development of social skills
  • increased self-esteem, self-validation, & self-awareness
  • bringing recurring themes to consciousness where they can be transformed
  • discovery of strengths & authenticity
  • development of self-observation & reflexivity
  • stimulates integration of the brain functions behind cognitive, emotive, & sensory processes
  • increased energy & vitality
  • reduces stress & worry
  • an active, fun & productive form of therapy picks up where other approaches may have failed.