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Bonnie is a professional artist and author, and has been teaching fine art for nearly 2 decades. She has earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Emily Carr Institute, as well as diplomas in Graphic Design, Photography, & Business Administration. She is currently completing a Diploma in Art Therapy at the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute. 

Bonnie is also a clinical counsellor, trained in both Canada and the United States. She completed masters studies in family counselling at Liberty University in 2010, and is currently completing a Masters in Counselling Psychology at Trinity Western University. In addition to her specialization in the expressive arts, Bonnie is building a specialty in brain-based therapies for trauma.

Bonnie's work can be found in 
various mediums around the 
world, but her heart is in her 
new studio where she currently 
offers counselling services and
teaches fine art.

Bonnie L. Ayotte
Artist, Clinical Counsellor