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What is Expressive Arts Therapy?
When words fail...

Expressive Arts Therapies incorporate traditional verbal approaches with more expressive processes such as art making, story telling, dreamwork, sand tray, puppets, narration and journaling, play, and more. The method chosen depends on age, natural inclination, and the needs of the individual.


Within the safety of the therapeutic relationship, individuals are invited to explore the ways expressive arts can be used to make sense of past struggles, to soothe a present moment, or to write a new trajectory. Expressions that use methods other than speech involve alternate parts of the brain & body, and gain access to aspects of the self that purely verbal approaches rarely obtain. Expressive Arts Therapy describes the place where science meets the truly human condition, in a way that lasting change becomes possible.

Expressive Arts Therapies are particularly helpful for children and individuals with special needs who often play out what adults would normally speak out. A variety of carefully chosen play and expressive materials are provided to help bring into the open the blocked feelings that interfere with healthy development. Through this process, inner strengths are revealed that are more effective in coping with past experiences and present stressors.

Due in part to a shortage of therapists trained in Fine Arts, Expressive Arts Therapies are often considered the "green mile" of counselling approaches, as they tend to be the last attempt at healing when many other approaches have failed. 

We envision a world where Expressive Arts are a first course of action for change.