Systematic intervention strategies that treat the whole you.
love your life.
Theoretical Approach
Counsellors & facilitators with many years of experience are tylically trained in several different approaches so that they are able to bring their training & experience to bear on the issues presented by the client in a more multi-dimensional, & client-centered way.

While you are the author of your healing journey, our clinicians use systematic intervention strategies from several major evidence-based fields:

Self Psychology
Provides a developmental model of the formation of the self in relation to others & the environment.

Considers the structure & function of the brain & nervous system in relation to specific psychological processes & behaviors.

Examines the effects of physiological, genetic, & developmental mechanisms involved in behavior.

An interdisciplinary field that examines the interplay between people & various environments.

Evolutionary Psychology
Considers how psychological traits are involved in adaptation to changing social structures, technological advances, ecology, & life's stages.

Social Psychology
The study of how thoughts, feelings & behaviors are influenced by the presence of others in dynamic settings.

Spiritual Integration
Looks at how faith is used to instill a sense of belonging, significance & competence.