Frequenty Asked Questions
What keeps our clients coming back...

What makes us different from the rest?
Our programs are custom made in a modular format that is affordable and targets the whole life– body, mind, spirit, and community. We combine integrity with cutting-edge approaches that target the cause of life's issues, not just the symptoms.

Will you work with my spiritual and religious beliefs?
Absolutely! All cultures offer teachings for spiritual growth and development. Our aim is not to tell you what to be, but to help you become everything you desire.

I am new to Canada. How can you help me?
Diversity is at the heart of our philosophy, and we incorporate elements of many cultures. If it happened that we could not adequately meet your needs, we will help to direct you to an alternate source of support.

Why would another approach succeed after so many attempts have failed?
Have you heard the phrase, "too many cooks spoil the stew?" A common cause of therapeutic failure is a blurring or masking of the issues from too many partial healing attempts. This is the case where Expressive Art Therapies really shine. Art has a way of getting to the heart of an issue, bypassing the defenses, and always in precisely the correct dose! 

How do I know if I've been sexually abused?
Our RESOURCES section includes a document on the signs of unresolved trauma. It is taken from a program we offer on recovery from sexual abuse. Whether you were actually abused or not, it is in your psyche and should still be treated as having happened. Ask us about our Divine Choices sexual abuse recovery program.

How long will it take before I feel any better?
Very often, individuals will feel better once they know they are on the right track to a solution. The answer depends on your unique constellation of factors. We can provide the environment and the tools. The rest is up to you.

I want help but I don't have any money. What can 
I do?
We provide many useful resources, many of which are free. If you have tried these and still need help, ask us about a free half-hour consultation.

My (partner, child, spouse, friend) needs help but won't get any. What can I do?
You can get help for yourself so that your life rocks, no matter what is going on around you. Your healthy example is the best help you can offer anyone.

My get up and go got up and went. Did you happen to see which way it was heading?
Life is painful for the best of us. Congruence of self, purpose, and community will do much to enliven the most difficult of circumstances. Give art a chance.

Systematic intervention strategies that treat the whole you.
love your life.