love your life.

Shabui Studios was founded by Bonnie after countless approaches failed to provide any solutions to her own patchwork of pain & trauma. She ultimately learned how mercy, unconditional acceptance, and a strategic intervention plan combine to save lives and make possible the move from striving to thriving.

The working artist studio is located in a quaint family community near the west coast of British Columbia, and offers a unique modular program that jives with Bonnie's experience that "what went wrong around the campfire can only be made right around the campfire." That is to say that life's solutions are best found in the real life context, as compared to a sterile, clinical environment. It is this philosophical foundation that brings this Expressive Arts Therapy Centre to you.

Bonnie is an Anishinaabe woman, a multi-skilled clinical counsellor and strategist for bringing about greater well-being. Educated in both Canada and the United States, her aim is to bring you the best that science and the field of mental health offers. She combines scientific theory with the healing power of the expressive arts, and has developed a proprietary program that treats the whole life, not just its symptoms.

Most of all, Bonnie is a person who cares deeply that people develop into strong, balanced individuals with vibrant lives. She hopes that those who come and discover the beauty that is within them will in turn lend a hand-up to others in need. This discipleship approach is at the heart of both her art and her Clinical Counselling programs.
Bonnie L. Ayotte
Artist, Counsellor & Founder
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