Systematic intervention strategies that treat the whole you.
love your life.
A client-centered, holistic approach to fine art 
as therapy.
For the enthusiast or the Counselling Professional.

Many don't realize that the ability to draw and paint is built into the brain and body, and should come as naturally as any form of communication. The Masters of antiquity understood this, and used a building-block approach geared to enhance the specific skills of the Apprentice. 

It is from this tradition that we offer experiences in art making. Choose from a series of modules including drawing, painting, colour, creativity, composition or technique. 

You choose the subject and the time slot that works for you. Sessions are sold as stand-alone for those who want to spend a session making art once in a while, or in blocks of 8, 16 or 24 for the enthusiast. 

Our brain-based approach sets us apart in that it is designed to work with the body's built-in visual system, resulting in seamless expression that will seem to flow from the fingers. This makes the Open Studio an excellent solution for Counselling Professionals who use art in their practice but want to build on their art skills.

Shabui means "more than meets the eye." Not only will clients be equipped to accomplish artistic goals, but many will enjoy the health benefits of making art which can include development of fine and gross motor skills, enhanced neurological function, reduced stress, and a sense of well-being. 

The Open Studio...